Registry Shine

Registry Shine

Registry Shine detects and repairs broken registry on a computer machine (See all)

Registry Shine is a program that scans Windows registry and allows you to repair all detected problems. To put it in other words, this utility is able to scan and clean any problems that might occur on registry databases, preventing your system from crashing. Registry Shine is a simple program, with efficient tools, that can be used by computer users of any level.

The usefulness of this utility is granted by the in-depth registry scan, from COM/ActiveX entries, uninstall entries, font entries, shared DLLs, program shortcuts, empty registry keys and file associations, just to mention a few. In addition to this, Registry Shine allows users to create a restore point before starting to repair the broken registry entries.

In order to grant users full control over tasks performed on their machines, this application comes with an advanced scheduling option. Therefore, by accessing the “Advanced options” menu, one can set up a registry scan schedule, as well as a specific schedule to repeat this task. If the task isn’t completed within the time lapse set by the user, he is allowed to choose to continue running the task, or, on the contrary to finish it. To do so, one has to check or uncheck the “If the task is still running, stop it at this time” box.

In conclusion, Registry Shine is an intuitive tool, able to detect and repair broken Windows registry in an efficient and timely manner.

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